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Training and Equipping Disadvantaged Workforce as Technicians

      Memphis, TN - May 31, 2020
      EcoProGuard, a Memphis based company that has grown rapidly during recent times as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, offers its disinfectant services to an expanding list of clientele in several states across the mid-south area.   In doing so the company has had an unusual problem that most businesses are not experiencing now, and that's the need for a rapid expansion of its personnel.   This is due to the 
skyrocketing demand for disinfecting offices, churches, school, public venues, and the like. 

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      Rather than taking the traditional route of posting help wanted ads the main office decided to take a more novel approach in the Memphis market.  They reached out to several local nonprofit groups who help people who are in need.  "We've had relationships working with nonprofit groups in the past and have found those who work with disadvantaged workers to have a great mission and purpose.   For someone who has a hard time taking care of their family because of some disadvantaged status, be it an unemployed veteran, a formerly incarcerated person, or someone who's been a victim of human trafficking, a job that pays a 'living wage' goes a long way in helping address their problems.   Our belief is that this is both a community problem and effort."

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