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Let's discuss protecting your staff, customers, & guests

EcoProguard of MEMPHIS

     We're located in Memphis and serve most counties in western Tennessee.   -Please contact us today so we can discuss how to prevent possibly unnecessary illness to any of your staff, customers, or guests.   We specialize in disinfection and know how to address this scary issue properly with the safest of chemical applications.  
     Unlike home chemicals or other cleaning companies, we have a proprietary and specialized process that disinfects surfaces and continuously protects them from viruses and other bio-hazards for at least 30 days.   After a thorough cleaning, a monthly disinfection and protection spray is applied by our technicians.   Our techs only have to enter once every thirty days to keep your facilities as safe as possible under the new standard of care procedures.

     Call us today for a free consultation and quote.   Prices start at less than $100 per month and help provide both safety and peace of mind for your and your occupants.

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